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5 things I love to improve allergies

(Originally published May 21, 2017)

1. Cod liver oil. This oil is full of EPA and DHA, essential omega 3 fatty acids that help the body reduce inflammation. In addition, CLO has vitamin A and D which are essential for immunity. Sounds crazy? My favorite brand (Carlson) comes in lemon flavor and is not fishy at all. Make sure you are using a trusted source that is free from mercury. 1 tablespoon a day.

2. Vitamin C. I take one called Aller-C and it combines Vitamin C, quercetin and bioflavinoids. Together, these will reduce inflammation and stabilize the cells in your body that create the allergic response. 1000mg of vitamin C every few hours as needed.

3. Exercise. Get that body moving! Pump your blood and breathe deeply. Flush out your system. Do it indoors if you have to stay out of the pollen, but exercise is going to help prevent stagnation in your blood, lymph and mind.

4. Nettles. This popular herb works for most people and you can find it in capsule form in many allergy supplements. It is an herb that is packed full of minerals and supportive to your blood. In the early days, as the Romans were marching through cold, soggy England, they would smack their legs with nettle plants to stimulate circulation and stave off the cold. Nettles will reduce mucus and allergic reactions.

5. Probiotics and fermented foods. Your gut is the center of your universe. If it is inflamed, it doesn’t break down the molecules properly and they can cause inflammation in all parts of your body. Adding more of the correct bacteria to your system will reduce the pathogenic ones that build up from being sick and exposure to antibiotics. Take them with food.

Allergies can manifest differently for people. Some may get itchy while others get congested. Contact the clinic for more specifics on how to strengthen your body so you can enjoy the spring and summer months symptom free!

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