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What's the deal with bone broth?

(Originally published April 23, 2018)

Have you jumped on the bone broth bandwagon yet? There are strong reasons for its popularity, and bone broths have been around for centuries. What's the first thing you reach for when you are sick? Chicken soup!

The reasons that bone broth is so beneficial are plentiful. First, it's easy to digest. When your system is run down, or your digestion is not at it's finest, broth is an easy way to get in lots of hydration and nutrients. It may look like some boring colored water, but this stuff is backed with minerals! The nutrients in here, like amino acids will heal the lining of your gastrointestinal system, improving digestion. They also reduce inflammation in your gut and your respiratory system (boosting your body's immune function!)

Other nutrients such as glucosamine are building blocks for strong connective tissue, while minerals like calcium and magnesium strengthen bones. Bone broth is a great source of collagen, which is a big component of cartilage, skin, and hair. For these reasons, broth is a blockbuster food to nourish joints and reduce pain.

Here's a recipe for you to make at home. Nourish yourself.

Ingredients: Organic bones with marrow (beef, chicken, fish) ~3-4 lbs. roast first for 40 minutes @450 degrees 3 Tbs apple cider vinegar 2 Bay leaves vegetables of choice (celery, carrots, onions) parsley, garlic salt and pepper

Place bones and vinegar in a pot, add in water until the bones are covered, let sit for one hour, with no heat.

Add bay leaves, and vegetables if desired. Boil and then reduce to a low simmer. (you will need to skim and discard the foamy layer that forms during the first two hours) Simmer 48 hours for beef, 24 hours for chicken, 8 hours for fish. Add water as needed to keep it covered. (it’s ok to turn off the stove and let it sit overnight on the stove top if you don’t want to keep it on) An alternative method would be a crockpot. Add salt and pepper to taste and parsley and garlic in the last 30 minutes for flavor.

Cool on the stove, strain and place in fridge or freezer. When finished, you will have a fatty layer on top and the broth will have a gelatinous consistency when cooled.

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