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Dangerous supplements!

Buyer beware is not a thing of the past. Unfortunately, there are still fake medicines being sold today. Recent warnings have surfaced about sales of counterfeit Align supplements that were being sold by third parties through Amazon.

Amazon may be a convenient place to purchase books, music, electronics, and housewares, but I would strongly advise you not to purchase medicine and supplements through this website! This is the not the first time. My colleagues have been noticing for years that patients would purchase supplements online, only to find out they were counterfeit capsules, repackaged as the trusted brand they were searching for. Unfortunately, it is not easy to tell before it comes to your door, and even after. These can be expired, damaged, or fake, and even contain harmful alternate ingredients.

What to do instead?

- at Infuse Health Clinic, I sell professional grade, trusted brands that I have personally chosen to carry because they are pure, effective, and safe. These are the same ones I take myself and give to my family. Grab your supplements at your visit, or pop in for a refill. Can’t make it to the office? I’m more than happy to ship them directly to your home.

- shop at other trusted sources. Coastal Pharmacy and Wellness carries many of the same professional brands and can help you with questions. They are located on Marginal Way in Portland.

- Buy directly from the company. Many of the brands I suggest have their own websites where you can purchase their medicines online.

The supplement industry is not strictly regulated; pros and cons aside, that means that there may be many bottles of “vitamins” on the shelf at your local Walmart or CVS that are not what they say they are. Bottom line, know your source and beware of fakes.

On taking supplements in general: Don’t always trust “Dr. Google”.

Check with your Naturopath or Acupuncturist to be sure you are taking the correct supplements that will be healthy for you. Not everything is safe to take, just because you can buy it at the store. We have gone to school for this and have had lots of training. We will be able to advise you on what may have serious interactions with your medications or other supplements, and which are the best to take for your health conditions.

This is my area of expertise and I’m happy to help!

For more on the Amazon news:

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