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Becoming the best you (some thoughts for the New Year)

(Originally published January 18, 2019)

Well, its mid January and the talk of New Year’s resolutions has slowed. You may have found them inspiring or annoying; I felt both the last few weeks! In the dead of winter, the light is ever so slightly beginning to return. Can you feel it? The yang energy is coming back. Our desire for hibernation will diminish and energy for “doing” begins to return. This is a great time to draw on that energy and reflect on how your next year is going to be; how YOU want to be.

Are you happy? Where do you see yourself in a few years? Are you on the path to this vision?

There is a quote that has helped me a ton when I was changing huge things about my life: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anais Nin

Our bodies and our minds resist change. It is scary to leave comfort and the familiar. It is easy to choose this life of the known and expected versus the scary unpredicted. Choosing change could lead to failure. Oh, but it could also lead to your wildest dreams! Are you willing to live a life where you didn’t give them a chance? When I think about my future self, I want to look back and know that I tried my best to become the woman I want to be. It doesn’t have to happen all at once; you don’t have to do it alone; and you can change your plan as needed. But in the end, are you someone you can be proud of? My wish for you is to have purpose, love, and a sense of home within yourself. These are the things that matter and make all the rest trivial. This time of year, of planning and vision, how can you create that for yourself? This is what resolution means to me.

Resolutions are not just about a statement. They are a goal. What goals do you have for yourself this year and beyond? Knowing your intentions will give you the ability to create a roadmap to get there. Instead of “I’m going to the gym this year.” Perhaps you can rephrase it with your goal in mind: “I want to be strong and healthy now and as I age!” I know for me, picturing myself as a physically strong, independent woman in her 60’s and 70’s is a great stimulus for getting me exercising and taking care of myself. Those are the things that can help the change become habit. Taking time to write down your goals and think about the steps you will take to reach them will send the universe the intention that you are serious and help you focus and clarify where you want to be. I sat down and did this for my business and had five new people call for appointments that week! Positive talk is key. (Just think of how damaging it would feel to tell yourself you are stupid ten times a day; now imagine how much the opposite can do). Each morning, take a moment to imagine your vision of who you want to become. Feel grateful for that and tell yourself affirmations that strengthen this feeling. Even if it feels silly, keep doing it and these words will become a part of you. Notice when the scared/doubting version of yourself creeps in and says negative things. Tell her thanks for the concern, and put her in the back seat. You choose which emotion and feeling gets to be in the driver seat. Repeat your affirmations and continue on! The key to really changing things about your life and your routine is to change your mindset about what you can accomplish and stay steadfast against Negative Nelly when she tells you to give up and get cozy on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry's.

It’s not too late. Really, time is all we have, until we don’t. The desire needs to come deep within to overcome that comfort of staying in the tight bud. Whenever the self sabotaging doubt creeps in, just imagine that vision of yourself that you want to create. That vision came from inside you because it IS you, and it is possible. YOU are amazing and strong and resilient! I hope that these words come to you now, three weeks after the new year, to act as a reminder and stimulus to reignite your passion to become a better you; to have a life that makes you smile. Reaching out for help and support is going to get you to your goals and make them a reality. I’m here for you; acupuncture will support your body so it is strong and healthy and calm your spirit so to feel grounded and safe.

Let’s make this year a year to become our best selves. Abundance is all around if you just tap into it. I believe in you!

Dr. Z

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